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Order of Operations

Order of Operations is a prototype game for 3+ (4+ in teams) players about how different parts of the brain control our senses. For three or fewer players it's an entirely collaborative game gunning for a great score, while teams are competing against each other for the highest score. I co-developed Order of Operations in 2015 with Kelli Dunlap.

Players or teams each draw a lobe of the brain which determines which ability is forbidden to them (touch, sight, or speech). The body cavity poster is hung on the wall, and seven organ pieces are placed on a table nearby. The parietal lobe can touch the game pieces, but cannot see. The Occipital lobe can see the game pieces, but cannot speak. The temporal lobe can speak, but cannot see the game pieces.

The occipital lobe player draws organ cards, and then communicates (without speech) their nature and direction on the board to the temporal lobe, who speaks to the parietal lobe. Collaboratively, they then attempt to place the organs in specific areas of the body cavity and receive points based on how close they came to correct.

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