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Futurism! The Card Game

Futurism! The card game is a prototype game for 4+ players about art history. My goal was to create a game that gave players a sense of the chaos of the 1920's Futurist art movement. The Futurists glorified speed, youth, technology, and violence, and generally wanted to raze the world of art and culture and remake it. While the leaders of the movement were a crew of misogynistic book burners (which is pretty terminally uncool), the sentiment of embracing new tech, running wild, and setting fire to the past serves as a resonant response to contempoary think pieces about millenials.

Players are dealt a hand of cards with lines of poetry representing courage, audacity, and revolt, as well as modifier cards. A "danger condition" is laid out on the table, and the goal for each player is to create a poem from their hand that matches the condition as closely as possible without being the last to lay down a poem. Technology cards modify player poems, and BURN IT ALL DOWN cards allow the player to sweep all the cards currently on the table onto the floor (use wisely--those cards won't be reshuffled into the poetry deck). The first player to win ten rounds takes the game.

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